Top Ways To Root Samsung Galaxy Nexues

Three Methods are Install the Correct Drivers,Root the PhoneInstall ClockworkMod Recovery.

Thanks  lot to free tools developed by the Android community, rooting your Samsung Galaxy Nexus is very safe and easy. Follow these steps to unlock the full power of your phone.Finally you can highly performed Android Device easily.


Install the Correct Drivers Correctly First.First step is Download the toolkit. In order to install the correct drivers and to root the phone, you should  need to find  the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Toolkit. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Toolkit  is best  free program developed by the Android development community that allows you to access the phone’s system-level software.

Secondly Plug your phone into your computer using a  USB. You should Make sure that your phone is turned on.Then you must  Run the downloaded Toolkit program.It is also easy step.Dont Afraid .You can do it .Easy…

When running the Samsung Galaxy Nexus toolkit, It  may be presented with warnings Statment from your antivirus program. This is because these tools are not digitally signed by Microsoft, so some antivirus programs flag them as harmful. If this occurs, Dont worry,you add the programs to your antivirus’s exception list and run them again.

Next step is Select your phone version correctly. When you first start the Android Nexus Toolkit, you will be presented with a list of Galaxy Nexus models. you need to Pick the correct carrier and Android operating system. Then you should Enter the number corresponding to your model and press Enter.

You can check your phone’s version by pressing your menu button and tapping Settings easily . Scroll all the way to the bottom and select “About device.” Your Android version and Build number will be listed in the new screen.

Next step is Installation of required  device drivers. From the main menu that opens after you  can select your model, then press 1 and then Enter to start installing the drivers. If you have Windows XP or Vista,you should  choose option 1 on the next screen. Windows 7 and 8 users should pick option 2. Then Press 1 at the next screen to begin installing drivers.

you will Wait until drivers install. There’s a chance that the process will say that it has failed. Likely, the drivers were installed correctly even if you get this message. You may need to disconnect your phone, then reboot your computer, and reconnect your phone for the drivers to work correctly.



Root the Phone

Please you should Understand what will happen when you root your phone. All of your data will be lost as  100%.Because you should  Be sure to keep backups of all of your data and contacts before beginning the root process. If you need  warranty service for your device, then you will need to unroot your phone.

Then you can Run the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit.You  Make sure that the correct drivers are installed for your phone.Next ,you can  Select the correct carrier and Android version from the menu.

3.Then you do Unlock the Bootloader. This will allow you to boot custom startup software, which gives you root access. Now you can Select Option 3 from the main menu and you will  press Enter.Then you  Type “yes” on the next screen and press enter to start the root process. You can see,A message will appear that says “waiting for device”.

Next you Put your phone into Bootloader mode.And You do  Power down your phone,then you  plug it in to the computer using a USB and  you should press and you should  hold the volume button and the power button until a green start screen appears. The message “Completed” will appear in theAndroid Nexus  Toolkit and the program with return to the main menu.

You can Root your phone using In the main menu of the ANDROID NEXUS Toolkit.Then you  select option 4. Now you  press Enter. Type “yes” and press Enter to confirm that you want to begin the root process. Your phone will reboot into the normal Android OS while A message will appear in the Toolkit asking you to enable USB Debugging Mode.

Yes,you do Enable USB Debugging. Open Settings in your phone. Scroll down to Developer Options and tap it to open a new menu. Check the box at the top to enable USB Debugging. As soon as you enable USB debugging, the Toolkit on your computer will continue  to direct the root process automatically.

7.Then you Wait for the process to complete. Your phone will reboot twice before the operation is complete. To confirm precess  that you have root access, download the Superuser app from the Play Store. This app is free and it will tell you if you have root access.It mean is you can root your phone furthermore as your wish.Well done.




Install ClockworkMod Recovery

Understand what ClockworkMod is easy .Really , ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) allows you to install custom ROMs on your Android phone generally . These are essentially customized operating systems that can give you access to features that your phone might not have otherwise.

First ,you Put your phone into Bootloader mode.Then ,you  Make sure that it is not plugged into the computer yet. From a powered-off state, press and hold the volume and power buttons until the phone enters the Bootloader mode.

Start the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit.You  Select the correct carrier and Android version from the menu. From the main menu, you select option 6 to flash a custom recovery image. This will install CWM. Plug your phone into the computer.

Finally,you Select Flash ClockworkMod Touch Recovery.  you Do this by selecting option 1 and pressing Enter. If you’d rather use TWRP Touch Recovery, you  select option 2. TWRP is recommended only for advanced users. After making your selection, wait a few moments as the image is installed. Once the process is complete, the Toolkit will return to the main menu.

Then Start CWM.Now you  Press the Volume Up button twice to select the Recovery menu. Press the Power key to select it. Your phone will boot into CWM. you should Use the volume keys to navigate the recovery menu. You can install downloaded ROMs from the SD card, or change themes and other settings.

Finnally thanks for bestrootapps.com.It is very best web-site to learn how to root your Android Devices easily.Anyway if you have any trouble about the rooting ,you can visit to the bestrootapp.com.Thanks.



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